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Read on to see the work being done at Tony Corroto Enterprises, LLC.

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Testimonials & Endorsements: Clients

Daniel Rosenberg

Managing Partner
Rosenberg Perry & Associates, LLC
Burlington County, New Jersey
Wednesday, January 10, 2024

"I attended a DUI and Drug Recognition Evaluator seminar where Tony Corroto presented. Mr. Corroto's presentations were extremely valuable and well organized. He not only provided tremendous, substantive content, but also shared practical information and tips that have allowed me to better represent my clients. I gained a lot from the seminar and would happily recommend Mr. Corroto for DUI and DRE related matters."


Sorsha Huff

Immigration Division Chief & Criminal Divison Deputy Chief
Associate Attorney
Deandra Grant Law
Allen, Texas
Wednesday, July 05, 2023

"I just finished the DUIDLA's 2023 NHTSA SFST course taught by experts Corroto and Platt, and attorney Grant. Mr. Corroto provided a wealth of experiential knowledge in a friendly, professional, and accessible way. He directly monitored us as we practiced administering SFSTs, and his guidance and feedback were invaluable. I would recommend this course to anybody wanting to dive deeper into SFSTs and DWI investigations as a whole."


W. Sterling Dixon III

Criminal Defense Attorney
J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC
Tuesday, April 25, 2023

"My boss, Ryan Brown, got a Not Guilty today in Coweta County, Georgia, with the help of DUI expert Tony Corroto. He is an absolute stud!

Tony: Thanks so much for helping us in trial this week. We could not have gotten the result we did without your work. You were a rock star on the stand. I am so glad our paths crossed! We look forward to working w/ you in the future."


Robert German

Attorney and Counselor at Law
German and German, P.L.C.
Spring Lake, Michigan
Friday, March 03, 2023

"Tony Corroto is an outstanding expert witness with 34 years of experience. During his 17 years of service to the Atlanta Police Department, he was on the DUI task force as a senior police officer for 14 years. Tony was the first DRE instructor in the state of Georgia and is currently a leading expert in standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs). After leaving the APD, he became a DUI expert witness who testifies for the defense and prosecution and has been in business for 16 years. When he is not testifying, he is teaching SFST seminars to police officers and attorneys. He has all the credentials needed to qualify as an expert in his field.

On my OWI case, I used Tony to challenge and pick apart the officer’s administration of SFSTs. This improper administration destroyed probable cause for arresting my client and made the prosecutor realize that her case was unwinnable. The case was resolved on motions and evidentiary hearings. Without Tony’s involvement, my client would likely have been convicted.

Tony is now an indispensable expert witness on all my cases. I highly recommend him as a necessary expert for any DUI case. Some experts have  a tendency to be dry and unapproachable, but not Tony. He personally establishes a rapport with everyone involved in his cases, including judges and juries. I am amazed with Tony’s knowledge and demeanor and cannot say enough about his ability."


Samuel DeRocco, IV

Attorney at Law
Brown Rountree, PC 
Statesboro, Georgia
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

"Tony is truly the original godfather of DUI/DRE detection and investigation. Anyone who wants to prosecute or defend cases involving allegations of driving under the influence must take Tony’s 'SFSTs for Legal Professionals' course. Throughout his training, Tony outlines and demonstrates the mandatory procedures adopted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for proper administration of SFSTs, their progressive history, scientific facts and statistical data on false positive rates, and visual examples of SFSTs performed. Tony conveys his superior knowledge and professional insight into DUI detection in an easily understandable, informative manner. Attendees develop the working knowledge and confidence to properly evaluate the merits of a DUI case. In short, Tony has my highest and unreserved recommendation."

Linda Lee, Esq..webp

Linda Lee, Esq.

Criminal, Family, Estate, and Administrative Lawyer
Lee Law, PLLC
Denver, Colorado
Wednesday, July 28, 2021

"I HIGHLY recommend! He has helped me on my cases and now I will use him on every case!!!!!!!!! I'm in Colorado practicing; you want Tony to review every DUI case. Your client will thank you! His reports are THOROUGH!!!!!! I am so grateful. He just helped my client beat his DUI case and I'm bringing him on another one! Highly recommend! I would venture to say it might be malpractice not having him review your case (joking, but seriously, he's awesome)! Great personality, also! Thanks, Tony!"

Client 5

Ms. Holt

August 2016

"Best DUI expert witness you will find! Tony Corroto is all you will need! I recently had a DUI case down in Cedar City, Utah. Having Tony Corroto as my expert witness DEFINITELY made all the difference in my case. He is confident, funny, smart, and he really knows his stuff. Watching him on the stand was amazing. The prosecutor would TRY and rattle him up, but never could. Instead, Tony rattled up the prosecutor and made him look like a scatter brain. Tony is also amazing at putting things into perspective for a jury, and he thinks extremely well on his feet. When the prosecutor had his own expert witness testifying, Tony called out every discrepancy. Not only did he note every discrepancy, but he had evidence to back up his opinion. He was completely familiar with all the manuals and laws that were being quoted by the experts. Tony was excellent, and I would highly recommend him for your case. He is well prepared and prompt. You would be crazy not to hire this guy!"

Daniel P. McKay, Jr.

Southeast Polymer Solutions
Acworth, Georgia
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Wow, how do I sum up a paragraph about Tony Corroto? The most honest, good person I know. Tony is always there to help others out. He spends countless hours volunteering his time to make this a better place. Professionalism is also there. He's the type of guy that when you call him, he gets right back to you. If he can't, you get a text message saying, 'I am tied up; will call you soon.' If you have a chance, become friends with Tony or use him for his consulting services. You won't be let down. Regards, Dan McKay."

Pete G. Diamaduros

Trial Attorney
Diamaduros and Diamaduros
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Friday, January 28, 2011

"I have been defending people accused of DUI for nearly 25 years. On January 27 and 28 of 2011, I was able to clear my calendar to attend Tony's SFST training class in Columbia, SC. There were only six attorneys in the class which was a great size for learning and interaction. The seminar was not your regular seminar. It was a learning experience that each attorney defending those accused of DUI should attend. I cannot begin to tell you how much of an expert Tony is in not only SFSTs, but also in conveying the material in such a way that I walked away from the training session amazed about how much I had learned. In my years of practice, I have referred to and cross-examined from the NHTSA/SFST Manual, both participant and instructor versions. It was not until after taking part in Tony's seminar that I was able to understand that there were still many things about SFSTs, cues, clues, etc., that I had only a basic knowledge of. I now feel like I have taken another huge leap in being able to better defend my clients. I have asked, and I think Tony has agreed, to do an instructor course sometime in the fall. I cannot wait to get back into the classroom with Tony and recommend him to any attorney with any level of experience in defending DUI cases."

Scotty Roberson.jpg

Scotty Roberson

DUI Defense
The Bateman Law Firm
South Carolina
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Tony is a dynamic speaker and knows the ins and outs of the DUI/DRE field. I can highly recommend him as a speaker. He provides a very well put-together product when assessing impaired driving cases. A true professional."

Scott K. Maskell

Sales Business Development, Cherokee Pumping, Inc./SiteMix, LLC
Atlanta Metropolitan Area
Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Tony was great to work with while on the Board at Camden Pointe for the last 3 years. He is a great person that I would recommend to anyone as a business client. He takes pride in what he does. An honest and trustworthy person that is hard to find these days."

David Goldstein

Managing Partner
Goldstein Legal Group, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia
Sunday, February 01, 2010

"Tony is an outstanding expert on DUI/DWI standardized field sobriety test (SFST) evaluations. He is an SFST instructor and was the DUI Task Force supervisor for the Atlanta Police Department. He has the highest integrity which is irreplaceable on the witness stand. Additionally, Tony is very personable and a great partner to work with before and during trial. I highly recommend Tony as an expert witness for any DUI trial attorney."

Dennis W. Craggs

Attorney and Owner
Dennis W. Craggs & Associates
Houston, Texas
Friday, December 25, 2009

"I met Tony at a highly specialized legal education seminar in Houston relating to the underlying scientific principles as applied to law enforcement's use of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) prescribed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for use in the detection of DWI (DUI) cases. Tony had retired from his active law enforcement career and was there 'honing' his skills and education for his new career as an expert witness in drug and DWI related cases. While he had a formidable resume prior to retirement, he sought to improve and extend his knowledge in these fields for use in this new endeavor. His prior experience and expertise have been an invaluable tool in assisting attorneys (both prosecutors and defense), judges, and juries understand the relevance, or lack thereof, and proper application and interpretation of SFSTs. He also is an expert in the field of breath-alcohol testing devices and their reliability. He is 'straight down the line' and can testify for either side. If the defense has a bad case, he will tell them so, and WHY! The same for the State. It is this integrity that makes Tony successful in his field. I have spoken to him about an upcoming case in Texas that we intend to use him on. I believe his successes speak for themselves and would endorse his use in these type cases."

Lindsey Michele Pulliam.jpg

Lindsey Michele Pulliam

The Law Office of Lindsey M. Pulliam 
Columbia Falls, Montana

"If you represent clients charged with DUI, OWI, or DWI anywhere in the country, Tony's SFST training for professionals is a must. You will gain a wealth of practical information from his two-day course that you can immediately add to your DUI defense strategies. Tony presents the material with humor and anecdotes from his former career in law enforcement. You will not find yourself bored. One of the aspects that set this course apart from other seminars is the fact that it was interactive and taught in a relaxed environment. We learned how to administer the HGN test correctly and had the opportunity to practice administering it on volunteer subjects. Going through this process highlighted for me the huge margin of error that exists on a test that forms the basis for many of my client's arrests. I am now able to watch a DUI video and immediately tell if the officer is administering the HGN test incorrectly. You will also practice administering the WAT and OLS tests. Tony will show you how these divided attention tasks are in no way related to a person's ability to drive a car, giving you ammo to fight back when the prosecution describes how poorly your client performed. This is a course you cannot afford to pass up. I thank you, and my clients thank you, for sharing your expertise!"

Wendy (Silva) Diaz, Esq.

Associate Attorney
Kessler Law Firm
Fort Pierce, Florida

"For any attorney, new and seasoned, this class is a MUST. Tony teaches the bread and butter to ensure quality DUI defense. He also directs you to the paths regarding rare issues involving drug and alcohol DUI defense. His prior experience in law enforcement is truly invaluable for educating defense lawyers on proper DUI procedure and what to look for regarding popular officer short-cuts. As a new attorney, this class was particularly informative because it showed me how to handle all types of situations and how to better manage my cases for more favorable resolutions. The entertainment factor Tony brings into his lessons is enough of a reason to take his class. Those entertainment factors bring a real-world perspective on everyday DUI issues that will not be forgotten."

Jill M. Jackson

Attorney At Law
Law Office of Jill M. Jackson, LLC
Denver, Colorado

"Tony is the best. He is an amazing presenter and genuinely cares about what he teaches. Not only does he have an incredible amount of experience, but he also has a magnetism and passion that makes it easy for everyone to understand the material. He brings the material to life with real examples from his time spent in the police force and actually makes PowerPoint entertaining. If you are a DUI attorney and/or DUI trial attorney, you need to take this course! There is simply no substitute for the trial techniques you will learn with Tony. Knowing how police officers are taught and trained for DUI detection is key to creating an effective cross-examination and winning-trial strategy. Even having this specialized knowledge at a suppression hearing will give you the necessary edge. He has testified as an expert in numerous trials for the best criminal defense attorneys around the country, and it is easy to see why they utilize his amazing skills and knowledge."

Randie Siegel

Attorney at Law and Mediator

"He is an expert in the defense of DUI and Drug Recognition."

Steve Moss

Steven I Moss & Associates, P.C.

"I took his 'SFSTs for Legal Professionals' course, and it has helped me tremendously in my DUI cases, trials and getting retained on DUI cases!"

Client 5

Roger Rozen

Rozen and Rozen, LLP

"Highly respected expert."

Joseph McGrath

Attorney at Law

"Tony taught me the SFSTs several years ago. Invaluable! The man knows his stuff!"

Ryan Russman

Russman Law

"Tony is a consummate professional who knows his craft inside and out. I highly endorse his services."

Randall Tackett

Tackett & Associates, Inc.

"Tony is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience. Highly recommend."

Lee Sexton

Lee Sexton & Associates, PC

"I have used Tony on several cases, and he is remarkable."

Jed Carter

The Carter Firm, PC

"Excellent expert."


Jim Williams

Jim Williams & Associates
Attorneys at Law, LLC

"I highly recommend Tony as an expert witness in his field. He testified at a jury trial on behalf of a client and did an excellent job. "

Client 5


DUI Trial Practitioner

"As a DUI trial practitioner since 1988, I learned things from Palacios and Corroto about SFSTs I wish I had known long ago."

Client 4



"Any lawyer who does DUI work and does not take seminar classes like this one (SFSTs for Legal Professionals) is committing malpractice!"

Client 1

Tony Corroto Enterprises, LLC Client

A Textbook Case

Tony Corroto Enterprises, LLC successfully represented Tony Corroto Enterprises, LLC Client several years ago. It was a long and challenging process, but in the end — not surprisingly — we were able to close the case with a successful ruling.


Meet Those Who Endorse Tony

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