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The Answers You Need


Do I need an attorney to hire Tony Corroto?

Yes. Tony is a DUI expert witness, not an attorney or lawyer, but your attorney may recommend that you hire him.

Do I need an attorney to contact Tony, or may I contact him myself?

If you decide to contact Tony yourself, he may give great recommendations for attorneys he knows personally; they might even recommend that you need to hire Tony for your case. However, it is best for your attorney to contact Tony because attorneys know what they are looking for when shopping for expert witnesses, and may already have ones that they use frequently. Tony may be one of them! Your attorney should have your best interest in mind, and should know how to best help your case. They are professionally skilled at this. We promise that this communication is the best way!

Once you hire your attorney and Tony, it is best that your case is managed between them to maintain a smooth process. Questions you have can be relayed from your attorney to Tony. Your attorney should provide Tony with the discovery of the case, and Tony will send his CV and fee schedule to them. Let the consulting begin!

How can Tony help my case?

Based on what your attorney requests for the specifics of your case, Tony can provide legal consultation, a detailed video analysis, report, and/or expert witness testimony.

Can I have Tony come teach for me and others?

Yes, but the answer to this question varies. It depends upon the amount of people attending, the type of course, and the cost.

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