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Tony Corroto Enterprises, LLC

Your Nationwide DUI Expert Witness

Established in 2006, Tony Corroto Enterprises, LLC, is a prestigious, dynamic legal consulting service, specializing in a variety of DUI matters. By working with Tony Corroto, his clients have received highly satisfying results.

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About Tony Corroto

Objective, Seasoned, and Bold


Since 2006, Tony Corroto Enterprises, LLC, has been serving nationwide with proven success. Tony is consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case his undivided attention. With him, you should expect the best. He is the kind of DUI expert witness that accepts challenges, where he helps his clients overcome their most complex DUI arrests. He is waiting for your attorney’s call.

A Message from Tony:

"I spent most of my time working for the Atlanta Police Department as a Senior Police Officer, which led me to teach DUI enforcement for multiple organizations. I was listed on thousands of DUI cases, and made a plethora of DUI arrests. Retiring early from the APD allowed me to personally hone in on my skills on my own time. I created Tony Corroto Enterprises, LLC, using my law enforcement and teaching experience, research, and resources from professionals I have collaborated with over the years. Since then, I have taught thousands of people about DUI during seminars, appeared in articles, legal documents, on television, YouTube, and WSB News-Talk Radio to educate the public about alcohol and drug consumption, SFSTs, PBTs, and much more. I provide nationwide DUI/SFST expert witness testimony, detailed case reports and video analyses, DUI case evaluations and legal consulting, litigation and trial support, and professional DUI legal training. I am qualified to give my expert opinion in 21 states on the behavioral effects of alcohol and drugs in the human body, SFSTs, theory and science of evidential breath alcohol testing, and police procedures. My 34 years of knowledge and expertise has led me to my calling; to teach and train legal professionals, law enforcement, and the public to protect our future society. We are changing lives one day at a time. Improperly trained law enforcement can ruin lives, but I am working on a solution. Your attorney may call me at (404) 906-2153 or contact me at if you or someone you know needs an expert witness consultation for an unjustifiable DUI arrest."

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Committed to Success

Tony works closely with attorneys to provide exceptional legal services. Take a look at the services he offers, and get in touch today with any questions.

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DUI Case Evaluation and Legal Consulting

Detailed Research

Tony's meticulous attention to detail allows him to make connections that other experts might miss when evaluating DUI cases, enlightening everyone on the legal team.

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Video Analysis and Detailed Case Report

Expert Guidance

As one of Tony's most popular services, these requests tend to fill up fast. No matter what legal issue you have, rest assured that he will provide all the DUI resources and guidance you need.


Litigation and Trial Support

Thorough Approach

Tony's extensive knowledge of DUI adds strength to the litigation team. Through this service offering, you can count on Tony to inform you of the best route with which to proceed.


DUI Expert Witness Testimony

Professional & Thorough

Over many years, Tony has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make the process of testifying as seamless as possible.


Professional DUI Teaching and Training

Informative Education

Tony's street experience as a senior police officer turned him into the well-rounded public speaker he is today. He has taught DUI seminars for multiple organizations in many cities. Get in touch with Tony so your circle can get the inside scoop on the proper administration of SFSTs, how cannabis affects the body, and tips to defend unjustified DUI arrests.



Tony's Passion

To teach and train legal professionals, law enforcement, and the public to protect the future of our society.

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Lindsey Michele Pulliam.jpg

Lindsey Michele Pulliam, Lawyer
The Law Office of Lindsey M. Pulliam 
Columbia Falls, MT

"If you represent clients charged with DUI, OWI, or DWI anywhere in the country, Tony's SFST training for professionals is a must. You will gain a wealth of practical information from his two-day course that you can immediately add to your DUI defense strategies. Tony presents the material with humor and anecdotes from his former career in law enforcement. You will not find yourself bored. One of the aspects that set this course apart from other seminars is the fact that it was interactive and taught in a relaxed environment. We learned how to administer the HGN test correctly and had the opportunity to practice administering it on volunteer subjects. Going through this process highlighted for me the huge margin of error that exists on a test that forms the basis for many of my client's arrests. I am now able to watch a DUI video and immediately tell if the officer is administering the HGN test incorrectly. You will also practice administering the WAT and OLS tests. Tony will show you how these divided attention tasks are in no way related to a person's ability to drive a car, giving you ammo to fight back when the prosecution describes how poorly your client performed. This is a course you cannot afford to pass up. I thank you, and my clients thank you, for sharing your expertise!"

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Some Useful Resources

Below Tony has provided some important legal resources that he thinks you will find useful.

If you require assistance, reach out and Tony will be happy to help.

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Black and White Star in Circle

Jill M. Jackson
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Jill M. Jackson, LLC
Denver, CO

"Tony is the best. He is an amazing presenter and genuinely cares about what he teaches. Not only does he have an incredible amount of experience, but he also has a magnetism and passion that makes it easy for everyone to understand the material. He brings the material to life with real examples from his time spent in the police force and actually makes PowerPoint entertaining. If you are a DUI attorney and/or DUI trial attorney, you need to take this course! There is simply no substitute for the trial techniques you will learn with Tony. Knowing how police officers are taught and trained for DUI detection is key to creating an effective cross-examination and winning-trial strategy. Even having this specialized knowledge at a suppression hearing will give you the necessary edge. He has testified as an expert in numerous trials for the best criminal defense attorneys around the country, and it is easy to see why they utilize his amazing skills and knowledge."

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Get in Touch

Thank you for visiting Tony's website. If you would like to inquire about his expert services or have other questions, contact him today.

629 Fairview Drive
Dallas, Georgia 30157

(404) 906-2153

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